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First Ice Doodle Of The Year!

My first ice doodle of the year on the van windscreen! Who’s ready for the weekend? 🙂

Ice Doodling

You know it’s frosty outside when I’m ice doodling on the van in the morning. Brrrr!

Ice Doodling

Bit of a frosty one this morning! Thought I’d warm myself up with another van window ice doodle!

My Festive Doodles

Here are a few festive doodles I’ve done over the years. Most of them started life as a scribble, which was traditionally then worked up into a card for my wife very late on...

Nice Ice Doodles

While patiently waiting for the van to defrost last week, I thought I’d pass the time with a quick bit of windscreen doodling before my fingers got frostbite!

Fish Plates

While trawling through my archives for an image of a pike, I stumbled across an old series of illustrations I did that really took me back. I still cannot remember exactly why I drew all these fishes,...