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Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter! I’ve been rough all week, so all I’ve had the energy to do is tie 100 pole rigs and edit a new vid. It’s an extra long Live Match with almost two...

First Ice Doodle Of The Year!

My first ice doodle of the year on the van windscreen! Who’s ready for the weekend? 🙂

Ice Doodling

You know it’s frosty outside when I’m ice doodling on the van in the morning. Brrrr!

Ice Doodling

Bit of a frosty one this morning! Thought I’d warm myself up with another van window ice doodle!

My Festive Doodles

Here are a few festive doodles I’ve done over the years. Most of them started life as a scribble, which was traditionally then worked up into a card for my wife very late on...

Nice Ice Doodles

While patiently waiting for the van to defrost last week, I thought I’d pass the time with a quick bit of windscreen doodling before my fingers got frostbite!

Fish Plates

While trawling through my archives for an image of a pike, I stumbled across an old series of illustrations I did that really took me back. I still cannot remember exactly why I drew all these fishes,...