Tunnel Barn With All Mates AC

Absolutely cracking time yesterday with the All Mates AC gang. Brian, Andy, Steve and Anthony lined up on Jenny’s Pool at Tunnel Barn Farm. There was plenty to learn and lots and lots of bites to be had!

We settled on three key tactics: short pole, shallow fishing and the margins. Some concentrated on pellets while others went with a worm-and-caster attack and both worked really well.

With plenty of fish already in their nets they began to experiment with rigs and feeding ideas. My special black mix worked well up in the water. We also had the fish going well down the edges over Dynamite Milled Expander and Red Krill groundbait.

Thankfully the wind and rain was nowhere near as bad as we feared and never stopped anyone catching, as they each heaved out keepnets full of fish!

Thanks to the ever-reliable Tunnel Barn Farm for having us!

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