Nine For 91lb

Just the one match this weekend and fancied a nice change, so booked on the open at Rolfs Lake. A nice local venue and a really special place with some hefty carp swimming about!

There wasn’t too many there so we all had plenty of room and I was very happy drawing peg 38 in the corner of the left-hand bowl. It’s been really wet and windy so it’s not been easy or comfortable fishing, but I managed nine carp for 91lb and a match win!

I caught everything on 6mm fishery pellets. Two on the long pole at 14.5m before the wind got too severe, two on the short pole and five on the pellet waggler, chucking up the left-hand bank. Couldn’t get a bite on the bomb over the top, despite trying everything. I’ve also not lost or foul-hooked a single fish, which makes a nice change.

The big carp are starting to wake up at Rolfs now, so if anyone fancies a day’s coaching at this legendary venue, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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