The Best Of Both At Rolf’s!

I’ve always said Rolf’s Lake is a very special place and last week’s coaching session there with Neil didn’t disappoint. What a day we had targeting both carp and silverfish!

We kicked off on the long pole where Neil managed a couple of carp before the winds scuppered that line. We’d also primed a couple of close-in silverfish swims with chopped worm and casters and caught some clonking big bream amongst the roach and perch, much to Neil’s surprise!

Towards the end of the session it was well and truly ‘carp o’clock’ as we focused all of our attentions down the edge. I showed Neil a few of my margin secrets and he was soon having his elastic well and truly stretched by some of Rolf’s famous big carp!

A huge thanks to John Bennett at Rolf’s for having us. I think the pictures say it all as you never quite know what you’ll hook next at this place… but it’s often very big!

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