Hauling At Hayfield!

Some pics from a cracking day’s fishing up at Maver Dynamite Hayfield Lakes with Matthew and Nik. Noelie had kindly reserved us a couple of swims on Little Adams and with loads of fish showing all over the venue we couldn’t wait to get started!

We concentrated on rod and line tactics and the pellet waggler was easily the most dominant method on the day, but there were also a few fish to be had on the bomb early and late in the session.

It was great to see so many shapes, colours and sizes of fish coming out. They both got to see their first ever carassio as well, which is a species that neither had seen or caught before.

The first couple of hours were unbelievable, with fish after fishing being landed. It was almost too easy, but thankfully the fish got trickier to tempt when the clouds parted and the sun came out. That gave me a chance to demonstrate some nice little tricks to keep the fish coming.

We didn’t use keepnets but I know they both caught well over a ton of carp apiece and, more importantly, picked up some valuable tips for future sessions.

A huge thank you to Noelie and Hayfield Lakes for looking after us so well!

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