A Wet And Wonderful Time At Tunnel Barn

Just about dried off after a rather wet but really enjoyable day at Tunnel Barn Farm. I had a nice session last year with Andy at Ivy House Lakes, so it’s alway nice to get a repeat customer. This time he wanted to see what all the fuss was about at Tunnel Barn Farm, as it’s a venue he’d heard so much about. I know he came away really impressed with the place!

With strong winds and rain forecast we opted for a couple of nice sheltered pegs on High Pool and experimented with a number of key baits and methods.

Andy was keen to fish with a jigga rig and casters, which is a method I really enjoy demonstrating. Once Andy was in full-on bagging mode it took some persuading to drag him off the tactic to try something else!

We also caught well on the long pole and pellets across to the island and ended with a great flurry of fish down the sides on maggots. The beauty of this venue is there are so many good ways to fish, so it’s all about trying to make each of them work to their full potential.

As always, a big thanks to Tunnel Barn Farm for having us. Oh, and Andy’s cherry bakewells went down a treat too!

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