Pole And Pellets At The Glebe

I had a really enjoyable day on the bank with Dean at the Glebe Fishery in Leicestershire recently. We actually drew next to each other on a match here recently, so it was nice to meet up again and have a day’s fishing!

We originally planned on fishing Lake 6 but the fish were spawning so heavily on there that we decided to leave them to their business and have a go on the adjacent Lake 9 instead. That proved a wise move as Dean was into fish within minutes of starting.

He had a nice early run on the short pole, but the high pressure and muggy weather meant the fish didn’t want to be in deep water for long. A switch to fishing the long pole shallow with pellets proved the best method on the day and Dean was having great fun catching plenty of carp – plus several quality bream of the flying variety!

It proved a really interesting session for us both as varying depths, hook baits and feeding patterns was required to keep the fish coming. The result was a cracking catch of carp and bream and hopefully plenty of tips and useful advice for his next big match.

Oh, and I was also very impressed by Dean’s choice of snacks. The chocolate brownies went down particularly well! 🙂

As always, a very big thanks to Roy Marlow for having us at his fabulous Glebe Fishery.

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