Makins Monsters On The Pole

Some nice big carp were on the feed at Makins Fishery when Matthew, Nik and I tackled the venue. I’ve already done a couple of rod-and-line days with them both, but now Matthew has kitted himself out with a shiny new MTX3 pole an enjoyable day’s pole fishing was called for!

Lake 4 holds some nice, big and colourful residents and they pull well on pole gear, so it proved a good choice for our session. It’s a relatively deep lake by Makins’ standards, too, so you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to rigs, bait and feeding.

Pole elastics were stretching within minutes of starting before the fish wised up and a bit more work was required to keep the bites coming. Even I was surprised by the amount and size of fish they’d caught after a really interesting and enjoyable day.

As ever, a big big thanks to Makins Fishery for having us!

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