Terrific Time At Tunnel

No match on Saturday as I spent a great day running a coaching session at Tunnel Barn Farm with Andy and his son Austin!

They kicked off fishing on a top kit while priming shallow swims further out with a bit of sloppy Dynamite F1 Sweet groundbait. Soon it was time to bag up with casters shallow! Feeding casters regularly by hand and swapping between a traditional fixed rig and a jigga setup was the key today.

Surprisingly, Austin also managed to catch loads of chunky skimmers just a couple of feet deep – and they all leapt clean out of the water! As the session progressed he also successfully experimented with fishing pellets shallow before they both turned their attentions to the margins.

Andy fished meat and micros down his edge while Austin used Jon’s special worm slop. The end result was a brimming net of fish for the camera and plenty of tips and tricks for future sessions.

Thanks to everyone at Tunnel Barn Farm for a fantastic day’s fishing on Extension Pool!

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