My Final Session Of 2019

A day at Tunnel Barn Farm with Gary was a fitting way to end my coaching and fishing sessions of 2019. Yes it was a bit cold and wet, but we still had a great time, caught a few fish and scoffed some festive snacks too!

With all this bad weather making the venue increasingly patchy at the moment I felt New Pool offered us the best chance of some fish. It turned out to be a really interesting session as despite searching the length and breadth of the swim, the fish were happiest in one tight ball in the deeper water. We spent quite a bit of time searching likely looking areas with nothing to show for it then, hey presto, we found the epicentre. It was like striking oil!

The fishing wasn’t bad considering the conditions and we had loads to chat about while we munched on snacks, kindly supplied by Gary’s partner. These weren’t just any snacks either, but Marks & Spencers snacks. Yes, I am truly blessed and spoiled by some people!

As always, a big thanks to Tunnel Barn Farm for having us and to all the other fisheries I’ve visited and everyone who has had a day’s fishing with me this year. I’ve already taken loads of bookings for next season and sold a surprising amount of gift vouchers, too, so I’m already looking forward to a brilliant 2020. Tight lines everyone!


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