Wet And Wild At Lake View!

Here are a few pictures from a rather wet but enjoyable day with Nigel at Lake View Fishery in Leicestershire. It seems to always rain when I go to this place!

We targeted the carp and F1s with a soft pellet attack in open water but the fish were clearly much happier to be down the edges on the day. Swapping to pellets and corn down the long right-hand margin brought some nice fish but it was when we made the switch to dead maggots down the closer left-hand edge that things got really interesting. This was by far the best swim on the day and a few barbel also put in an appearance along with the quality carp and F1s.

A big thanks to Lake View Fishery for having us and to Nigel for being such a great sport despite the relentless rain. He groaned whenever I said, “It looks like the sky’s clearing,” as that was usually followed by a massive downpour minutes later! 🙂

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