A Proper Winter Workout!

It was cold, wet and difficult when Gary and I tackled Jenny’s Pool at Tunnel Barn Farm… but also good fun and a nice challenge!

Gary’s already a very good angler indeed, so we didn’t want things too easy on the day. That was just as well, as the fish were definitely in ‘backing off’ mode! I think he did well to eke out a net of fish from a notoriously moody lake that’s been hit by several days of cold rain. The water level was the highest I’ve ever seen it for this pool, too, so there was even more water for the fish to hide in!

No signs at all on pellets early doors, but a nice carp on dobbed bread was very welcome. After that, it was all about maggots and Gary worked hard for every single fish.

I really enjoyed the day, despite the rain arriving late on, and it was dark by the time we left! Thanks as always to Tunnel Barn for having us. Hopefully it will be a little bit warmer and drier next time… please!

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