First Win Of 2020!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m still fighting off the dreaded Christmas lurgi, but I somehow managed to win the 6th round of the Packington Winter League today!

I drew peg 5 on Little Gearys and was glad of a nice short walk. This can be a funny swim but it’s an end peg and can be good if the carp are there. They definitely were today! I ended up with 20 fish for 104lb, mostly on bread, to win the match!

Best rig was a 0.2g Malman Mojo on 0.18mm line to a 0.125mm Power Micron bottom and red 10-12 Slik. I kicked off a bit lighter but was soon off my box and re-rigging after an epic fight with a very angry 12lber! As you can see from the catch shot, all the fish in this place are stunning to look at.

I’m currently sitting 2nd in the league out of 60 anglers. Four more rounds to go, so just need a few more pegs like this one!

Sadly I felt too rough to film anything, but happy to get my first ton and match win of 2020. Hopefully there’s a few more to come! Sniff. Cough.

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