Phenomenal Fishing

Fishomania at Tunnel Barn Farm today and my home for the day was peg 30 on Extension. I was a bit disappointed, as it’s rarely a winning peg, especially with the wind blowing the other way, but it’s still a nice pool and I knew I’d get a day’s fishing.

It’s one of the siltiest pegs on the venue and although you can just reach the island with 16 metres, it’s full of roots over there, so that ruled that out. Hoping to get some better quality fish I decided on a pellet and caster attack, short, shallow and edges, and set myself a target of 120lb. Catching in short spells I plonked 136lb on the scales. Really not sure I could have done a lot more on the day.

Elsewhere it’s fished brilliantly with numerous 200lbs. Well done Paul Blinkhorn qualifying off peg 3 on House with 269lb. I worked out the average weight for the 10 anglers pegged on that lake was 195lb. Phenomenal fishing!

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