Q&A No2… And Catching On The Chop

My second question and answer session is now up. This time I enjoy a bit of chopped worm fishing on the canal, catching plenty of fish in a thoroughly enjoyable hour-long session. Enjoy, and please keep the questions coming!

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1 Response

  1. Phil says:

    Question = who was the 1st angler who specifically targeted carp with the long pole, & won the match with just 2 fish & weighed in 18+ lbs ?? ….. clues= … it wasn’t me! I was in the same section though, on the Oxford canal at Twyford, & had flogged my arse off for 5 hours to get a very respectable 12 lb of silvers & still got stuffed!…. it was about 1980 , long before Billy Makin dug those puddles close to the A5 & filled them full of thick fish, & put that huge vulgar road sign up “MAKINS FISHERIES” & the word “commercials” got invented!! ….. and long before we had internal elastic in our poles! ….. we all had external elastic, c/w small quiver tip rod rings through the top sections of our poles… But we never doubled up the elastic & targeted carp with “The Meat” like that b******d did……IN A CANAL MATCH!!! … yes! I’m still bitter Ray Mills (Billy Makins side kick from Hinckley)!! …. I was shocked, gobsmacked & had never heard anything so crude like it before!!! ?