Wonderful Willow

I love the excitement and anticipation of visiting new venues and I spent a great day with Sam at Willow Lakes Fishery & Caravan Park near Grantham earlier this week. What a cracking place and so beautifully looked after! We fished one of the shallowest snake-style lakes on the complex and it was a typically moody (and wet!) day with carp cruising around and being extremely on edge, but there were some stunning fish to catch and it was a great day trying to work out how best to fool them. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of quality skimmers in the lake too. The three key swims on the day were the ‘mud line’ tight across, the margins and also fishing a metre back from the far-bank island was a particularly good swim for us both. Really enjoyable stuff and I must also say a big thanks to Sam’s partner for the food and fishery owner Soph for making us feel so welcome!

UPDATE: Just a few days later, Sam won his next match at Willow Lakes. Fantastic!

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