Best Of The Rest

Packington Winter League – Round 5

I will try and keep this one short. Packington WL fifth round and Little Gearys was the destination. Before the start I named four pegs that would win everything: 7, 9, 11 and 29. I was right. I ended up 5th off peg 25 behind those four boss pegs.

My target was 25lb to 30lb but actually no one on the entire lake caught that. Just over 20lb won off peg 7 and then the rest had about 15lb. I wasn’t too far off with 10lb+ as it fished pretty shocking. It was yet another flat-calm, mill-pond day with not a breath of wind.

Not a bite on waggled bread, bomb n bread, bomb n corn or a maggot feeder. I managed all my fish on the pole; four F1s and about 6lb of little skimmers on maggots and pinkies over a bit of groundbait. Best of the rest. Sometimes fishing really can be that predictable!

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