Going Potty

Before and after!

Watching my old mate Joe Carass’ latest F1 Tips video reminded me that I had to make a couple more ‘cat’s cradle’ pots for my maggot fishing. I love these modified pots for dripping in a few maggots. They’re a tad fiddly to make, so I can’t see anyone bringing them out commercially, but I think the effort’s worth it for frugally dripping in bait when things are tough.

I use Frenzee Soft Pots for mine. Ideal pots for the job as I can quickly clip them on and off – but they sink like bricks, hence the need for some new ones! The reason they’re ideal is because I can fill a pot one handed without it actually being fitted on my tip. Then, when I ship back in, I can simply swap the empty pot for a full one. It’s quicker than trying to fill a pot while it’s actually on the pole, yet it’s not something I’ve ever seen anyone else do.

I make them by drilling a series of holes around the lip then threading light pole elastic through until I get the mesh size I’m after. Mine have a deliberately tightish weave to almost eliminate spillage when shipping in and out and while playing fish.

If I want to feed more bait and feed it faster then I’ll just revert to an old faithful original Preston Cad Pot. It takes a second to swap a pot over, so I’ve got no qualms using different pot types throughout a session to suit what’s actually happening.

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