Dog Lane Delights!

I had a really good coaching session at Dog Lane Fishery in Warwickshire recently. Derek is a pleasure angler who has just kitted himself out with a load of new tackle and particularly wanted some guidance on getting the most from his new pole.

We fished a number of key areas with a corn and pellet attack and he was soon getting to grips with his setup, playing fish with the right rigs and elastics and using his puller kits effectively.

We caught a few fish in the open water but it wasn’t as fast as I expected. It was only when we switched to the margins that I realised why. This was where all the carp wanted to be on the day and he must have caught close to 100lb down the edge!
Corn was the number one bait fished over Dynamite Swim Swim F1 Sweet groundbait. The carp were going berserk over it!

With pole fishing well and truly sorted we then had a quick session on the pellet waggler to round off a really productive day.

I’ve been fishing Dog Lane Fishery on and off ever since I was a school boy and highly recommend the place for a great day’s pleasure fishing.

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