Bagging At Bishops Bowl

A cracking day with Steve at Bishops Bowl Fishery. I’ve enjoyed fishing here ever since I was a kid. Being a former quarry it’s slightly clearer than many venues and home to some cracking looking fish.

We headed for White Bishop Lake with a day’s carp fishing in mind. We soon discovered there were lots of hungry little 4oz to 8oz stockies in front of us both, so banded 6mm pellets helped to pick out the much bigger specimens. Steve started off on my box and had a great run of carp up to 6lb before sitting on his own gear and doing the same.

With our short lines ticking over very nicely we decided to try up in the water at 13 metres on my gear. The wind was really blustery at times but once again the orange 12-14 Slik was regularly streaming out!

The last two hours it was well and truly margin time. I think Steve was surprised to see how aggressively we needed to feed to ensure we caught a proper carp rather than those pesky little stockies. The positive feeding worked well as some of the lakes older residents put in an appearance, giving us a great end to the day.

A big thanks to Bishops Bowl Fishery for having us. Owner Shaun and his team have done no end of good work on this place since taking it over and it really is a great venue!

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  1. Jon says:

    Cracking day!