Barston Bagging

Last week I spent a really nice day’s feeder fishing at Barston Lakes with Richard. We wanted to catch a bit of everything, so we set up rods for long-range carping, plus shorter-range tackle with bream and skimmers in mind.

We deliberately avoided the obvious flyers and settled on a couple of comfortable pegs on the roadside bank. It turned out to be a really interesting session with bites from the off – and not just the chocolate chip cookies! I was surprised how many F1s wanted to feed on the day, some of which must have been nudging 5lb or more.

Perhaps the most amazing thing was our encounter with Freddy the fearless fox. I showed fishery owner Nigel a video of our encounter (you can watch it on my Facebook and Twitter pages) and he said he’d never seen that fox before, but it explained why he keeps finding his bins tipped over!

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