F1 Fun With Jak And Jon!

A great day with Jak at Tunnel Barn Farm.  The lake’s silverfish were really active on this session, so getting bites was never a problem. Sorting out the better quality F1s was the day’s mission – which is one of my favourite challenges at this time of year!

This session proved how you can never approach a venue with a preconceived plan. I fully expected maggots to do all the damage, but pellets ruled much of the day. It was only in the last hour when the F1s chose to bully the silvers away and maggots could finally work their magic.

These winter sessions are rarely easy, which gave us plenty of time to try and suss things out. Jak’s hard work and efforts certainly paid off as we managed a tidy little catch for the camera.

As always, a big thank you to Tunnel Barn Farm for having us!

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