A Great Day At Hillview

Andi and I had a cracking day at Hillview Lakes in Gloucestershire recently. It’s a place I should definitely fish more as it’s a really nice venue with a great reputation for winter sport. We opted for a couple of comfortable swims on Moorhen with the chilly wind off our backs and soon got amongst the lake’s F1s.

We started with pellets but it was maggots that proved much better on the day. As soon as Andi popped two maggots on the hook it was like flicking a light switch! The occasional foul-hooker was frustrating to begin with, but things got steadily better and better as the session progressed.

A timely switch to the margins also did the trick. Although the fish were a touch smaller down the sides, the bites were a lot easier to connect with. There were fish on the long pole, too, but the best tactic on the day was nurturing a short pole and margin swim to keep the catch rate ticking over.

A really nice day in great company and the time just flew by. Many thanks to Hillview Lakes for having us!

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