A Right Royal Time At RBF

Some photos from a really lovely day spent on the bank with Dave at the fabulous Royal Berkshire Fishery near Windsor.

As you’d expect for the time of year, the fishing wasn’t easy but Dave worked hard to put a tidy catch together. Close in it was a small roach a chuck to begin with. We soon discovered where all the carp and F1s were hiding, as they refused to budge from the sanctuary of the far bank. As soon as Dave popped a couple of extra pole sections on we were in business!

It was nice to see fish of all sizes being netted, including a few ‘fully scaled’ F1s, which is a variety I’ve never seen before. Even without the fishing it was nice being on the bank with such a great guy!

A big thanks to Royal Berkshire Fishery for having us. If you’ve never visited this place before I can assure you it’s well worth a trip this winter!

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