Team Winners At Evesham

Two days on the river at Evesham this weekend and, as expected, it’s been two proper scratching matches!

I’ve been following the venue results since the river reopened and you’ve definitely needed to draw 1-52 or the end peg in the 80s, so not overly happy when peg 68 in the deeps was drawn for me BOTH days!

I had a busy day catching micro perch and micro roach close in on Saturday, plus a ‘bonus’ late gudgeon and daddy ruffe on the long line for 2lb 12oz and nowhere with just 7lb needed to win. Spent a long time after an elusive tench or big eel but they were not playing the game.

Sunday was the Team Champs qualifier fishing for Oxford and the same peg’s been completely different. All the close-in perch were full up! I’ve caught micro roach on the long pole and pinkies over Sonubaits Black Roach and soil, plus a small eel on the maggot feeder. Sounds like there are definitely less eels in the river these days.

Last 70 minutes my peg needed a kickstart, so I’ve cupped a ball of bread in and had another run of little roach. It wasn’t solid but I had my team head on and stuck with it. Glad I did as I’ve weighed a whopping 2lb 1oz for 4th in the 16-man section, which I was very happy with. That’s how hard the river’s been! Considering everyone is trying to just get bites and valuable team points the whole river fished extra tough.

Back at the results and the team’s done brilliantly to win on the day and qualify for the Bank Holiday Evesham Festival. Captain Mick Denton, Tony Hobbs, Tim Kaye, match winner Owen Robinson and myself scored a very nice 62 points.

Still not sure I want to see peg 68 again, though. If I do I’ll bring a gun as never had so many noisy pigeons crapping above me all day, so my gear needs a good hose down now! Hope you all had a good weekend.

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