Runner-Up At Decoy

Just the one match this weekend and finished runner up on the Golden Reel qualifier today at Decoy Lakes. Managed 198lb from peg 30 on Beastie. Easily the best peg I’ve drawn for yonks and I’d love a go on it again!

Well done Sam Brown winning with 221lb from end peg 4 on Elm and Lee Thornton 3rd with 182lb from Horseshoe 16. 

I had a really good second half of the match catching shallow and down my 5ft deep edge. Shame nothing came into my shallower swims. First couple of hours there were lots of fish lolloping about, but I took too long to suss out how to actually catch them. Eventually snared a few on 6mm and 8mm Fin Perfect pellets before a great last hour down the side. If it was yesterday I’m sure it would’ve been mugging heaven, but it was wet n windy today and the fish were definitely a bit moody after spawning. 

Still a lovely day’s bagging with the MTX2 pole getting a workout with green and red Slik stretched to the max! Got the semi final at Larford to look forward to now.

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