Back In The OTF Final!

Fresh back from a great week at White Acres I’d got a ticket for the On The Flyer TV Silverfish Classic at Makins today. Bit tired after five windswept days in Cornwall and seeing minus -2C on the temperature gauge was a shock to the system! 

It was VERY sunny!

It’s fair to say it’s fished rock hard today. I’ve  had to pick up some bait from Lanes first thing, so I arrived late and had the last peg in the bag, which was 12 on Lake 4. This is just two pegs away from where I was last time when it was carp soup. Well after three hours I’m struggling for a bite off anything, like everyone else I could see. I’d got about 30 micro perch and a 2oz skimmer in the net, plus a big head ache from the glaring sun in our eyes. It’s not been easy fishing a long pole one handed with my other arm in the air shielding my eyes from the sun. The lovely catch pic gives you some idea what it was like!

Thankfully I’ve had a late arrival of big skimmers plus a few non-counting F1s and carp. Those late skimmers have been vital as I’ve weighed 18lb, won the match and qualified for the £10k final! Sir Alan 5x Scotthorne was the other qualifier, winning Lake 5 with just 6lb, so the frost, sun and clear sky has really knocked the sport today!


And for anyone who wonders if you can reuse groundbait, I’ve just used yesterday’s lake winning leftovers from Jennys Lake, which is my ever-faithful Sonubaits Thatchers and F1 combo!

Great to be back in the Final again, which is at Meadowlands some time next year. Hopefully I will draw near some fish this time. Definitely due a day off now. Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. 

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2 Responses

  1. Stephen pyner says:

    Congratulations on qualifying for the otf final Jon, you did well considering the weather conditions and your late arrival