Plenty Of Bites At Ivy House

Last week I had a great time on the bank with Colin Green as we targeted Heron Lake, the new match pool at Ivy House Lakes. They’ve certainly put some time and effort into this fishery. I remember owner Andy Lloyd giving me a guided tour of this lake before it had water in and it’s amazing how established it already looks.

It was a bit wet and blustery, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm and there were loads of bites to be had. We concentrated on pellets and a short-pole attack, fishing on the deck to begin with, then sacking up shallow before really plundering the margins.

It was interesting to see how the fish responded to different feeding approaches and although none of the bigger residents put in an appearance, Colin still ended up with an impressive net of carp and F1s for the camera.

A big thanks to Ivy House Lakes for having us!

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