A Great Day’s Coaching At Lindholme Lakes

A really enjoyable day’s coaching with Andy at the brilliant Lindholme Lakes. We settled on a nice peg on Laurels, which is the first time I’ve been able to get on this lake since it’s been relandscaped.

Kicking off on the short pole Andy caught some nice mirrors to begin with, plus quite a few ‘flying’ skimmers. We also wanted to do some shallow fishing, which was a bit tricky in the wind, but Andy did well to put a string of F1s together using a variety of tricks.

After a good session on the pole Andy was also really keen to have a go at pellet waggler fishing. It wasn’t ideal conditions but we still got the waggler to work and it proved a really nice end to a busy session.

A big thanks to Neil and Aaron at Lindholme Lakes for having us. It’s a venue I’ve always loved fishing and just wish it was a good hour nearer!

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