A Coaching Trip To Ivy House Lakes

Some images from a really nice and interesting session with Andy Kirtley at Ivy House Lakes in Wiltshire. We decided on this venue as it’s a halfway house between Andy’s home in Wales and mine in Oxfordshire. Our session was on Moorhen, which is a canalised lake with a steep far-bank slope. The contours of this lake really helped to highlight the importance of accuracy when it came to feeding and rig positioning.

Andy is an accomplished angler, so my main job was to iron out any creases and offer some advice that might improve his overall approach and technique. With neither of us knowing the venue we were both pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of the fish he managed to catch! It was quite a tricky session and every fish was worked hard for. They pull back a bit in this place, too!

We were also treated to a golf buggy tour of the new match lake that’s currently being dug, which I must say looked really impressive! Hats off to venue owner Andy Lloyd as he’s clearly put loads of hard work and thought into the entire venue – even down to the nifty hatches in the fence behind every peg on Moorhen, so you can ship your pole back efficiently!

I’ll definitely be coming back to Ivy House Lakes as soon as I get an opportunity. It’s located near Grittenham in Wiltshire and definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been before.

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