A Great Day At Docklow

A few photos from a really nice session at Docklow Pools with Ady Hill. The fishing was pretty tough going in the scorching conditions, but that gave us plenty of time to talk tactics and fine tune details.

Everywhere I’d travelled to last week the big carp were more interested in sun bathing and that was definitely the case today on Farmer Jack pool. Perfect ‘mugging’ weather perhaps, but we wanted to concentrate on feeding with baits like chopped worm, pellets, corn and meat on the long pole, short pole and margins.

Thankfully the lake’s F1s and skimmers were still obliging and Ady ended up with a hard-earned net of fish. Sometimes the fish can be too easy to catch, so I quite like days like this where the fish give you more of a challenge!

Great to be back at Docklow Pools as it’s one of the nicest venues in the country; and even nicer on such a hot day when you’re passed a refreshing bottle of cider to drink. Thanks Ady!

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